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One Step at a Time

At Alleghany Church of Christ, we are dedicated to furthering God's kingdom. Below is a list of some of the people and organizations we partner with to be a part of their work for God all over the world.

Missions: Service

Missions We Support

Mountain Mission School

Mountain Mission School is a small school located in Grundy, VA. It was created to reach at-risk
children in 1921 and has maintained this mission from the beginning. The first vision was to
reach children locally but has since expanded to help children throughout the world. They
currently have approximately 200 children representing 60 countries. Most students live at the
school although many local children also attend the school.

Missions: Meet the Team

Blue Ridge Christian Camp

Montgomery County Emergency Assistance Program

Johnson University

Carolina Christian College

Missions: Meet the Team

Church of Christ Radio Ministry

World Evangelism

River Watts

Missions: Meet the Team
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